Articulate Storyline Samples

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 E-Learning Heroes Challenge

Using Learning Journals in E-Learning #344

Challenge Goal:  Incorporate a journal inside a storyline to show how learners can reflect on their material and collect the information for later use. 

Key features:  Javascript enabling printing function, variables to record and save text.

My sample was selected as one of the 11 top entries.

COVID-19 Workplace Safety and Procedures

Business goal: The COVID-19 pandemic created a need to inform employees of symptoms and workplace risks to ensure a safer environment for employees returning to work.  This sample is part one of a more extensive training course.

Audience:  All employees of a fictional company

Key features: storyline 360 with accordion interactions, lightboxes, drag and drop features, multimedia, and graded final quiz.

Preparing for Effective Meetings

Business goal:  This client wants to revise an existing RISE training module and add more engagement by incorporating storyline modules to illustrate information

Audience: New and existing managers

Key features:  Click and Reveal, voiceover and scripts, and triggers to allow the learner to navigate through the module.